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Cyrus the Archer

Isaiah 45

Cyrus the Great was the founder of the first Persian Empire.
At this time (around 600BC) many Jews were in captivity in Babylonia. After Cyrus defeated the Babylonian king in 539BC, exiled Judeans were allowed to return home. He also issued a edict allowing for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. According to Isaiah 45, Cyrus was anointed by God for this task:
"Cyrus is my anointed king.
I take hold of his right hand.
I give him the power
to bring nations under his control.
I help him strip kings of their power
to go to war against him."
He is the only non-Jewish figure in the bible to be called "anointed".
Cyrus the Great is also well recognized for his achievements in human rights and politics, and has had a significant influence on both Eastern and Western civilizations.
In this painting Cyrus is shown causing the Babylonians to scatter; as it says in Isaiah,
"I will stir up Cyrus and help him win his battles."

Quoted from BibleGateway

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