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Cross of the Eucharist

1 Kings 19, John 15, Matthew 14

The centre of this painting depicts the Last Supper, with Jesus at the centre, and Judas slinking away to the right.

Above this is the famous picture of the pelican feeding its chicks with her own "blood" - an ancient Eucharistic symbol.

On the left, Jezebel threatens the prophet Elijah who flees. An angel brings him bread and water to sustain him on his journey. (1 Kings 19)

On the right hand is the Vine being tended by the vine dresser (see John 15).

Underneath is a boat with mana falling from heaven, also recalling the feeding of the 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-21).

This painting was painted for Pope Benedict's Year of the Eucharist, and is hung at the church of St Edward's in Kettering.

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