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Blue Forest

This painting is not based on any single passage from scripture, but instead includes a number of symbols and images.
At the top of the dome is a crucifix atop a skull. Golgotha, or Calvary, is the site outside Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified; the name means Skull, or Place of the Skull.
The dome is wrapped in thorns, referencing the crown of thorns Jesus was forced to wear.
The deer is a common symbol of piety and devotion and is sometimes also used as a symbol for Christ himself. Here the stag is pierced by a spear, just as the Roman soldiers pierced Jesus with a lance as he hung on the cross.
In this painting you can see a crucifix between the horns of the stag. According to tradition, a vision of the crucifix between the horns of a deer led to the conversion of St Eustace and St Hubert.
On the floor of the structure is the six-pointed star of David, referencing the Judaic tradition that is the foundation of Christianity, and the fact that Jesus was himself Jewish.
The woman is the Bride of Christ, a symbol for the church and its people.

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